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Busy Bee Cleaning

Professional Cleaning Services To Commercial & Industrial Facilities In Telford, UK

Company Profile

Busy Bee Cleaning has been in business for over 30 years and has numerous contracts in and around the Telford area.


We concentrate on the Telford area to enable the contract to be supervised easily and attended to quickly by someone you can build a rapport with.

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Providing you with the only cleaning service you will ever require!

Focusing on the local area, we pride ourselves on high quality, efficient service, competitive pricing and excellent supervision. The business is expanding, but only at a pace that allows us to maintain the level of quality we already supply.


We employ a Contracts Manager, whose job entails personally checking and monitoring our staff's work, ensuring that high cleaning standards are maintained, organising cover for illness and holidays and ensuring all staff have adequate cleaning materials for each contract we undertake.

When hiring new cleaning staff, we take a meticulous approach to the selection process to ensure we hire only the best candidates.


We review applications, conduct phone screenings and in-person interviews, and perform background and reference checks.

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